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6V6 grid voltage > plate voltage

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  • 6V6 grid voltage > plate voltage

    I've got a 5f2A princeton clone that I have been fairly satisfied with for a few months now. Seems have to nice tweed tone.

    However, for as long as I can recall, the screen grid voltage on the 6v6 is substantially higher than the plate voltage. 290V on the plates, 313 on the grid. There is a 470 ohm screen grid resistor. Adjusting this value affects both the grid and plate voltage.

    I went over it a couple days ago to figure out the exact plate voltage, and my math revealed about 1.4W plate dissipation, since the grid was drawing so much current.

    Is there something I can do to remedy this?

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    Have you got the power rail wired like a 5F2A or a 5F2?

    And what is the DC resistance of the OT primary?
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      ahh thats a great question. I have it wired like the 5f2 schematic. I notice now that the 5f2A schmetic feeds the OT and the grid at different points. Might be something I wanna look at


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