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Relay-switching design: Plexi to 800

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  • Relay-switching design: Plexi to 800

    Hi, I have two relays and am trying to get the extra triode stage to switch in and out, pop free. Have you come across amps that easily have this configured? I looked at what I have and nothing applies here I am sure this a common channel switching mod.
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    I assume you are talking about the first triode? In other words, a two channel amp where the first triode is added for the lead channel? A schematic of what you have would have helped. If my assumption is correct, this is the easiest way to do it. It's already built- switch jack, DC supply and all. Just wire it to the filament supply to power it.
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      Click image for larger version

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ID:	943406 Thanks Dude,

      I appreciate the link and that is a smart part! I already have much of the relay basics ready and partly installed though. My beta version does need updating though as per the question.
      I also have installed a PPIMV for overall volume.
      I was thinking something along the lines of the first really on left. Perhaps another isn't need.