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Late 60's Early 70's UNICORD Power Plus amp... any info?

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  • Late 60's Early 70's UNICORD Power Plus amp... any info?

    Anyone remember these or have info on them?

    Intergoogle search yields almost nothing about them.

    Some small mention if search Univox and I have already found a couple places that mention Unicord history,
    but this line of amps seems to be mostly unknown/forgotten.


    Some mention of the Unicord Stage line of amps, but nothing about the Power Plus series...

    I have this one...

    The Jensen hi freq horn is not functional, but not really needed.

    Original Utah speakers sound great!
    I did have to repair the surrounds on them.

    Germanium transistors in the pre amps.

    True harmonic vibrato, optical.

    Absolutely cavernous reverb!

    Really great crunch at high volume.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Hey, really cool amplifiers.
    Forget about repairing that horn , he he; coupled to a transistor amp it will be "angry bees paradise".

    I see 5 power transistors, so presume a transformer driven quartet.

    Now SS transformer driven amps do crunch well and show quite a few "tube" characteristics

    Mainly having speaker load on their collectors, same as tubes have their load on plates ... while OTL amps, both Tube and Transistor, have loads on their Cathodes/Emitters, a world of difference.
    As in "muscle" vs "fluffy soft".

    Please show a couple gut pictures.
    Juan Manuel Fahey


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      Thanks JM,

      Ya, I'm not concerned about the horn at all.
      I did look for a replacement,
      but when I tried the amp without it, I decided it doesn't need it.

      Since these pics I have replaced all electro's coupling and bypass, except the big main filters. (I probably should do those too)

      Optical harmonic vibrato is the small vertical board on the left.

      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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      The world is full of people that are right.


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        Make sure not to replace those ultra-rare amber micas on the outputs. They carry all the mojo.
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