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help, is this a checkmate 20/25

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  • help, is this a checkmate 20/25

    hi i resently got hold of a checkmate, that was heading for the scrap yard. thougt i would save it. but i dont know which it is. on the serial nr it says checkmate 25, but on the dealerplate it is stamped TM20.
    it neds a bit of service.
    looks like there is something cut of the one transformer, dont know what parts missing, can u help me?

    PS. i dont know much on tube amps, so i will ask a ton of question, and post pics

    Friendly regards Stig

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    Start by posting a couple pictures

    At least front band back panels to try to identify it, and chassis both sides,in and out.
    Juan Manuel Fahey


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      Sorry about the missing pics, today i tried to replace the two burnt fuses in the electronics, then the one 7189a got red hot and i pulled the plug.


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