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Speaker replacement advice for Silvertone 1333 needed

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  • Speaker replacement advice for Silvertone 1333 needed

    Looking for a speaker that will be true to the 50s era. In other words, I'm not looking for a British style speaker, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Silvertone 1333 original speaker was a very weak, microscopic magnet one,which every modern user rushes to replace, vastly improving the sound.

    Classic 50īs speakers, used by practically everybody, were Alnico magnet Jensen, a P12Q would have been perfect.

    But today they are much sought after,almost unavailable and so very expensive.

    The ceramic versions are more available, or you can get the modern Jensen ones , made in Italy.

    Some donīt like them, finding them too bright, but truth is they compare the new ones, fresh out of the oven, to worn tired 60 y.o. ones.

    There are modern Jensen C12Q (ceramic); modern Jensen P12Q (closerto original but 3X as expensive); you can get old original Jensen ceramics on EBay and Craigslist, usually "pulls" from old organs and Radio+record player "consoles", or ask Ted Weber Speakers, they make modern reproductions with "original worn sound" 9ifn you want to, for reasonable price.

    All of them are different flavours of the same American sound.

    There are also American sounding modern Eminence speakers, very good but not cloning the mid powered C12Q ; rather the higher powered C12N , which might be called "the Twin Reverb speaker" , very good but a different flavour.

    If anything, "too good for a Silvertone 1333".

    I mean, if you want to keep real close to original sound.

    Modern Jensen P12Q

    Original 1964 Jensen P12Q:

    Modern C12Q
    Juan Manuel Fahey


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      Thanks. I'm leaning towards a Weber, or an original P12Q in need of a recone.


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        One other thing. It's my understanding that the original Silvertone speaker is 3.2 ohms. Would it matter how many ohms the Weber speaker would be?


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          Yes, of course, by all means match the original one.

          In practice, 4 ohm is fine; 3.2 ohm speakers once incredibly popular are almost extinct.
          Juan Manuel Fahey


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            Do you think a Weber P12R would be more true to the early 50s tone/break-up?


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              Yes, but would be somewhat tight on power handling.

              Ask Weber what they think.
              Juan Manuel Fahey


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                Not to pour cold water on your enthusiasm but look closely at the tight fit of the original Rola speaker in this amp. I have replaced an original speaker only to realize that I would have to shim the angled chassis in order to clear the speaker magnet. The cabinet is not all that deep and the chassis is installed at an angle with the PI tube hitting the magnet of a modern (deeper) speaker. It can be done but not without a bit of head scratching.. By the way, I also replaced the original OT with a Magnetic Components 40-18063 OT and used an 8 ohm 12 inch more efficient speaker. The amp is louder and sounds great!


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                  Good advice.

                  Hereīs physical dimensions from Jensen, the only manufacturer which supplies all of them.

                  Grab a mm scale ruler and do your measuring.



                  Ceramic is less deep so might fit better.

                  No data on other possible manufacturers.
                  Juan Manuel Fahey