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Masco ma 17

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  • Masco ma 17

    Anyone know the value of the twin can main filter cap on this amp can't read the schematic , got hold of one but it's been butchered

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    If you post the schematic, we might get clues even if it is tough to read.

    It is just a tube amp, so the cap values will be similar to most any amp. I suggest the caps then were likely lower value than we would use today because caps were expensive back then.

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      Is this in Sams? Do you know the number?


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        I have the MA-17 and the MU-17 files.
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          Having a peek at Jazz P's schematic, Masco looks like a ready made guitar honker. I had guessed "8" which turned out correct, but the CLC filter is an upgrade twist I didn't expect. 8's not common these days, I'd go 10 uF if you insist on authenticity. And 20 or 22 if you want to smash the hum figure down to nearly nothing. Matched output tubes will also keep hum out of the audio picture.Kool find, bound to be a hit Schuey, good for you!
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