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Replacement Handle for Silvertone 1334

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  • Replacement Handle for Silvertone 1334

    I'm new to guitar amp restoration and have been looking for a replacement handle for a Silvertone 1334 tube amp. Unfortunately,
    the standard size seems to be 6.5 inches, but I'm showing 7.5 inches from pin to pin. Where do you guys go for replacement handles?

    Here's a picture of what the handle is supposed to look like:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	1956-Silvertone-1333-010.jpg
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    Here's how I'm measuring:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20180104_102034.jpg
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    If nothing else, you could go to a local shoe repair or other leather working shop and have them make you one.
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      I've been considering that, but I live in a tiny town. Not sure how far I'd have to go to find someone who could make one. May have to start asking around


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        I'd recommend "go local" if at all possible. Unless you're 100 miles from nowhere there's bound to be a shoe repair / leather specialty / luggage repair somewhere in or near the bigger towns & cities, where you might have to spend $10-20 for a replacement. Failing that, one of our MEF correspondents mentioned Ohio Travel Bag a year or two back. I'd be surprised if you couldn't get what you need from them. Here's a link for their online catalog handle department:

        This looks like a good candidate:

        You may have to grind off mounting rivets from the broken handle. I use deep thread SPAX wood screws to attach new handle mounting straps, that way I can select a spacing for the metal mounting straps that allows for proper finger space under the leather, not too loose nor too tight. No point in trying to remove the rivets entirely, just grind 'em down with a dremel or similar tool, the remains will be hidden by your new handle.
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          I think you're right! It's definitely the right style and looks like it might be the right length!

          Thanks guys!