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How do I age parts?

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  • How do I age parts?

    I bought a set of those "V" tube clamps to keep the tubes from falling out of my Fender Champ amp. How, with common household items, do I age the chrome? I just want to take the shine of and make them look dull.


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    Here's a link for a free ebook download on metal patination.
    I won't offer any advice because many of the procedures are dangerous, but the book should give you some background.


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      I throw parts in my rock tumbler for a few hours.


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        scotch brite pads

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          I have *lightly* dabbed Ferric Chloride on chrome parts to artificially tarnish them.
          Use a cotton swab.
          Do NOT soak the parts.

          Wipe off right away and/or rinse with water.
          Repeat to get the look you want.

          Be careful and wear gloves.

          Ferric Chloride will badly stain pretty much anything it touches. Including you.

          This might be too aggressive for some.
          Maybe there is a milder chemical to do this, but I had the Ferric on hand.

          Other ideas...

          Vinegar, but it would probably just clean them really good and make even shinier.

          Salt water solution, this might work, probably have to soak it tho.
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            It works!

            I tried this method last night and it works (with one caveat).

            I soaked the tube clamps on a solution of white vinegar and salt overnight. Then this morning I transferred the parts to another glass and soaked them in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and salt. The more you soak them in the later solution the rustier the parts get.

            For such flimsy cheap parts, the chrome seems to be a little more tenacious than I had imagined. Initially I tried to dull the chrome by using a wire brush wheel on a drill press. It did dull the tube clamp a bit and took off some of the chrome. That part aged better than the clamp I did not abrade.

            If I were to do this procedure on a larger part I would recommend scratching, denting, sanding and "beating up" the part before putting it in the solutions.
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