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Magnatone M15A original speakers

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  • Magnatone M15A original speakers

    In the late 1965 M15A I'm working on, someone replaced one of the original 16Ω Jensen C12P speakers with an 8Ω Oxford.

    I removed the remaining original C12P and found it was a version of the C12P with a whizzer cone. I guess Magnatone started using whizzer cones instead of small paper cone tweeters.

    I had another 16Ω Jensen C12P I was thinking of using as a replacement, but I discovered it uses a different basket, more like a P or C12N. The C12P in the amp uses a shallower basket like a C12Q. I know Jensen made a lot of different versions of their basic speaker designs, but I didn't know that they switched baskets and cone depths.

    It seems like finding an exact replacement for a Magnatone M15A speaker is pretty hard to do since it's supposed to be 16Ω and have a whizzer cone.