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Using a Jensen P8R with a Traynor YVC40 - Madness?

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  • Using a Jensen P8R with a Traynor YVC40 - Madness?

    I'd like to run a Jensen P8R (rated at 25W rms) out of the speaker cabinet extension of my Traynor YVC40 to help get a punchier top end (and more sound before feedback). But I'm concerned about destroying the speaker as the YYC40 is a 40 watt amp, and the P8R is rated for 25 watts. I'm not concerned about speaker distortion, in fact a bit of controlled speaker distortion is part of what I'm after. Any thoughts?

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    I see that my question has basically been answered here

    but if anyone has any thoughts or experience about the specifics, I'd be much obliged. Basically I wanna know if difference between a 40w rms amp and a 25w rms speaker (50w Peak output) is gonna equal some speaker distortion, or a quickly ruined speaker.

    thanks much,

    - Adam.


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      A 40w rms amp might put out over 50w when cranked (40w is the clean power). The peak values for the speakers are the max they can handle in case a 25w rated amp puts out more than that for a very shot amount of time.
      I wouldn't risk to destroy the speaker and better go for a pair of them or a higher rated speaker.
      Depending the (good) speaker distortion I think it will start before the speaker reaches it's rms (clean power) value.
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        Thanks for the info! Just to make sure I understand what you're suggesting - If I wire two 25W speakers each rated at 4 Ohms each in series and send signal from a 40W amp that is looking for a 8 Ohm load, I should be good.


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            Fantastic! Can anyone help with resources for DIY cabinet building, or places that sell 2x8 cabs - (I've only seen 1x8s for sale online from easily googled reputable sounding dealers)


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              These links may be useful for building your own:

              (I'm not affiliated with either of these sites)
              Building A Speaker Cabinet For Your Guitar Amp
              DIY guitar speakers cabinet -