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converting old pa amp for harp amp

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  • converting old pa amp for harp amp

    can anyone tell me how a amp with 4 ,6AB4,s and 2, 12AX7,s will work for a guitar/harp amp this amp has 4 mic outputs or inputs what ever you call them

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    The 6AB4 & the 12AX7 are both triodes.
    They are generally used as preamp tubes.
    Not that they cannot be setup as output tubes
    It won't be very loud, that's for sure.


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      well maybe I should pass that one by?the amp has 7 tubes but I can only read 6 of them 4 are the 6AB4,s 2 are the 12AX7,s it was a innercom system I think it has tone and volume controls I just don,t know yea I just found out that the 7th tube is a 12AX7 as well
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