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Teac DR-H300DAB shutting down

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  • Teac DR-H300DAB shutting down

    Morning all
    Ok this one i aint picked up for 10 days, So doing this from memory

    The customer stated when he first dropped it off that he was using it ok and working ok but with a dimm display
    Put it into storage and when it came out a few years later it won't start up

    It comes on then switches onto standby
    I found 2 blown caps C201 page 19 and C329 page 20
    changed Still not powering up
    standby 12v AC supplying 5v standby
    I have the 5v on one regulator , If i bypass the 230v ac relay i have 5v on both
    12v Rail is where i believe the fault is , I have supply voltage to the reg, but not getting switched to the 12v reg input
    I can see it being switched on and then off again
    The reg and all caps changed Q301/302 all test ok ( Page 20)
    Checked DZ203 9v zener ok
    I have no deck movement or display

    if anyone has any idea's
    many thanks Arbutt