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Comparison real power triode vs triode connected tetrode/pentode

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  • Comparison real power triode vs triode connected tetrode/pentode

    Hi everyone!!!I would like to know if there are any audible differences between those two, because real triodes like 300b or 2a3 are way more expensive that typical pentodes that can be configured in triode mode.I will be waiting for your reply!!!Thank you!!

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    Assuming a single-ended amp - a favourable comparison is a KT88 strapped as a triode and the results can be really quite good. The issue I have with my own comparisons is that the amps I've built are not identical in every respect other than the tube; they've had different voltages and different output transformers to get the best out of the tube in use. My own opinion is that there's not that much in it at all if the amps are well designed. There's a lot of psychology at work in seeing/hearing a 300B compared with the mundane-looking KT88. My KT88 amps have also employed NFB whereas the true triode amps haven't. You can also get more power from a true triode before noticeable distortion, as their efficiency is greater. Whether one sounds better than the other comes down to personal opinion, but I find triode-strapped amps to be perfectly acceptable and sometimes remarkable.

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      Mick bailey.Your info is very valuable.Thanks a lot!