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6v6's in a Plexi?

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  • 6v6's in a Plexi?

    What would be the potential for me to put some JJ 6V6's in my 1987 Plexi 50 watt RI??

    I know I'd have to re-bias of course but would they hold up??
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    I think you might be able to get away with it if you use JJ-6V6s and bias the tubes at no more then 8-10 watts each.
    It depends on what your actual plate voltage is but keep them running with a little less DC ilde current then what you might with lower plate voltages.
    Does your amp have a fuse in the center tap of the high voltage secondary?
    If so, it's easy to put a string of 9v to 12v 5 watt zener diodes in there (back biased) so as to lower the over all B+ rail voltages a little.
    You probably should run your speaker cabinet impedance on one step lower so as to double the Zed of OT primary... 8 ohms on a 4 ohm tap, 16 ohms on an 8 ohm tap, etc.

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      What do you think this would sound like?


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        Originally posted by russ_guitarboy View Post
        What do you think this would sound like?
        I think Mark Huss has some soundcliops.
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