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    Originally posted by Justin Thomas View Post
    Has anyone ever made a guitar amp with nuvistors?

    I haven't, but I have several set aside for a couple of projects. The first time I ever saw one, it was years ago in an old tektronix plugin type module like this:

    I thought they were some kind of weird power transistor I hadn't seen before. I compiled a file with all the transfer characteristics of the ones I have.

    As for the NuTube, I had high hopes in anticipation of it's release. But after getting a hold of the datasheet, I wondered why they bothered ever going into production. The gm, gain, and input impedance blooooooooooow, compared to any other discrete amplifying device I can think of. Even in the miniature class of tubes, Nuvistors and Subminiature tubes perform so much better. I like the idea of what they were going for in the physical package design, but what a let-down.
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