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How to adjust your tube guitar amp

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    Originally posted by stokes View Post
    Very odd. Regis, it would appear he is looking at my reply as if I might be a potential buyer.
    ...maybe I'm stating the obvious here, but it all reeks of "...covert salesmanship / marketing..." techniques to me.
    ...and the Devil said: "...yes, but it's a DRY heat!"


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      I listened recently to a documentary on the radio about China and its booming
      business making copies of other people's products (watches, shoes, etc).
      Apparently someone could be working at a legitimate factory but other
      members of the family could be working down the road at another factory
      making copies galore with information, parts, molds and such 'borrowed' from
      the first factory.

      So I can't help forming this picture of kldguitar being in the business of making
      copies of legitimate amps and now they would just like to know how the
      things they are copying actually work.

      Kldguitar, I find it kind of neat to have someone from China in this forum since
      you guys have been, at least until recently, very cut off from the rest of the world.
      Your English is pretty good so we shouldn't have any problems communicating.
      You are entitled to be as forthcoming or not about yourself as you see
      fit. We're all pretty anonymous here. I think it's just your being from
      China that has tickled our curiosity.

      So welcome .

      Paul P
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        Made in China

        I work at LOWES Building.I had a guy with 3 "kids" come in and asked if they could take some pictures for a Palomar Collage class.After asking the "teacher" a bunch of qustions,he finally said that the King of Tialand wanted to buld a Lowes copy,Maybe call it Lues.Wake up America


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          Originally posted by Brad1 View Post
          Well, at least they have a China Quality they must be good stuff.

          Oh yeah - plus the certificate is signed by 'Christina'.
          You KNOW it's gotta be good.
          My Momma always said, Stultus est sicut stultus facit