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Danelectro mods possible?

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  • Danelectro mods possible?

    Hi guys,

    As posted on another thread, I just got a Danelectro Transparent Overdrive pedal. Incredibly inexpensive at $35. on Ebay. The pedal is surprisingly good for the price. Great tone, no mid hump, bass and treble controls. It has some really admirable sonic qualities that I might find in much more expensive pedals, and have gotten rid of a few already. Don't want to part with it till something better comes within reach.

    The problems with the Danelectro I find are:
    1) like some other overdrives, when you dig into a note and reach the clipping threshold, you get an instant compression, and no dynamics above that "firm" threshold. It's like you cross a line and that's it. This effect seems to be more pronounced with this pedal.
    2) Also, although it sounds pleasant, the quality of the distortion is a little soft, and I find it doesn't seem to cut thru, so it seems the distorted notes get a little "lost" in the mix. Soft and grainy may be another description of the distortion quality.

    Two questions:
    1) Is there some way I can soften up that threshold so that it's not so "sharp", so to speak? Would installing a variable R in series with the clipping diode(s) bring this about? I don't have a schematic, will have to trace it out, I guess.
    2) Also, how can I make the distortion sound a little less "soft"? Perhaps some of you pedal tweakers will get what this is about right away..... hopefully.

    Thanks kindly,

    P.S. (I think a Moller may be the pedal for me, but just can't afford one. The Sparkle Drive has too much midrange; haven't tried one yet, though... apparently it cuts the bass some too).
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