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Basic Tube Filament Question

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  • Basic Tube Filament Question

    I'm building a Valve Caster boost pedal.

    The schematic has the filament of the 12AU6 hooked up to 9 VDC. I was going to use 2 power transformers since I have them lying around: one 9 VDC for the circuit and another 12 VAC for the heaters. My noob question is, how do I hook that up? I've done a couple amps & that's just hooking straight to the 6.3 volt heater supply, with 4 & 5 tied together & the other lead hooked to 9. Do I just do the same thing, or should I hook one to 4 and the other to 5 with 9 grounded?

    Sorry for such a basic question, but my google searching didn't come up with a dumbed down answer for me.

    Jay in Philly

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    Hook it up 4 to 5. 9 is the center tap for the heaterc and since you're running them off of 12v, you don't need to use it - do not wire it to anything.


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      Awesome, thanks for the quick reply!


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