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More reverb on the marshall reflector

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  • More reverb on the marshall reflector

    Howdy Friends,
    I've got a few reverb tanks and one tubed pan almost ready to go but I'm gigging heaps these days and don't have as much time for soldering as I used to so thought I'd get a digi reverb pedal and low and behold a second hand Marshall reflector pedal came up for less than half price so I grabbed it.

    I really quite like it except I wanna go totally wet. Has anyone dug inside theirs and found doing such a thing is quite a simple procedure?

    With our DIY delays using the pt2399 it's just a matter of upping the resistance between input and output, or even switching the dry completely out and leaving just the wet signal. I haven't got my pedal yet but when I do it'd be handy to know that different resistor somewhere or other or a switch added would get me total wet signal.

    If nobody has done this mod I'll go into the pedal myself and figure it out then post the results.

    My initial thinking is that the input is buffered and splits to the output buffer and to the ad/digi/da and then the level control mixes the wet with the signal from the input buffer. So the idea would be to switch that setup around so the dry signal is what go to the level control and the wet comes straight from the da to the output buffer so I can instead choose how much dry I get.

    Sound reasonable?

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    Hey did you ever have any success with this? Ihave one of these and think it's a sleeper unit for sure but 100% wet would be good and maybe a cap job..


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