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  • Just forgot to say //

    demagnitizing everything , very important !!

    all screwdrivers you are using on tapemachines must be demagnetized .. as the heads , the screws anything to do with magnetic tape .. how I do it ?? simple ..
    a very old Engel Loter soldering iron .. take out the soldering pin and install a coil wound from several copperwire windings ( 1mm wire , thick enough to withstand the current .. not very important how many windings as long as you can feel the demagnetizing job in your screwdriver , that you insert in de coil and activate the current .. then while still actived slowly remove the tool .. you can demagnetize the heads from the recorders with it ..

    find yourself a secondhand soldering iron like these , penny's or for free .. if you find it . and make your own demagnetizing tool for peanuts .

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    • Does anyone met 500 Ohm record heads on the NG51?


      • Originally posted by Souleyman View Post
        Does anyone met 500 Ohm record heads on the NG51?

        Record heads, on NG51 are about 1.000 ohms.

        Of course, it works with 500 ohms, but, the record level is inferior.

        And, i think that pre-magnetizing voltage must be adapted.

        When mesuring your record heads, did you disconect them

        from the circuit......?????


        • Thank you.

          I see on the market not only 1k resistance heads. All of my own are really around 1k-1.2k but some re-builders of Echolette says the often use and a 0.5k heads and they are works the same as the 1k.
          The problem is one of my record head unfortunately dead (inside broken wire) and I need to find the one working. Today I can get only the 0.5k version unfortunately.

          I've measured it as in a soldered state and in disconnected too. The same measures.


          • Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and was wondering if someone might be able to help me with my Dynacord Super 65. I understand it's quite similar to the Klemt units.
            I'm currently restoring one and i've already replaced all electrolytic caps, motor cap, selenium bridge, some coupling caps and plate resistors that were out of specs and 2 pots that were bad. The unit works fine, the motor runs smoothly and silently, voltages are ok, effect works etc... but it's very noisy. There is quite a lot oh hiss and some mechanical noise when the effect is engaged. I use a brand new tape loop bought on Ebay. I suppose a certain amount of noise is to be expected from such an old unit but as it is it's unusable for me.
            I'd be grateful for any suggestions as to what might be causing the issue and what I should look into.


            • Welcome to the place!

              I would suggest that you start a new thread for your questions, as this one is quite long and has been used for a few different problems.
              If you have one, post the schematic for the Dynacord unit and there will be many helpful people here to advise you.

              Is the noise constant? On both straight signal and delayed signal? What do you mean by mechanical noise?


              • Hi, thanks for answering! To be honest I've never done that before so I don't really know how to start a new thread. And I can't figure out how to post the schematic newbie!
                I'll try to work that out!

                The noise increases when I turn up the wet/dry pot and is affected by the tone pot. With the effect off, there is only hiss but the level is acceptable. I think the noise does not come from the preamp section but is generated later on in the circuit
                By mechanical noise I mean a thump caused by the tape splice and maybe some noise induced by the motor, or maybe the seems the noises produced by the mechanism are picked up and amplified.



                • Klemt Echolette NG51

                  Hi staxmotownjunkie,
                  i have an Klemt Echolette NG-51 that needs to be repaired, how can i contact you ?
                  I live in Lommel,
                  Cheers Han!


                  • Hi, sorry for perhaps a obvious question when you measure the heads voltages, is it Peak-to-peak or RMS?