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BOSS DR55 issues..need help

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  • BOSS DR55 issues..need help

    hey guys, i'm not sure if an analog drum machine counts as a guitar effect...but it's on my pedal board so i consider it one.
    anyway...the problem i'm having is that it makes noise if you push the start button. but it won't play any beats. it will just play one sound every time you hit the start button...similar to when the "write" mode is engaged.
    except, when it's in "write" mode the sound the start and stop buttons make depends on the beat that was already programmed. when it's "play" mode, it will just make the same sound everytime the button is pushed. i'm pretty sure the sound made is just the first sound of the beat. but it just won't play the rest of the sequence.
    i hooked up a footswitch to see if that changed anything, and what happened is nothing when the switch turns the pedal "off" (as it should), and when the footswitch is clicked "on"...the sound the pedal makes is just sustained indefinately still w/ no beat.
    since there is no "input" for this drum machine, i'm not sure how to trace the signal path to figure out what's wrong. anyone have a good idea on where i can start? i have the sevice notes in a PDF file if anyone needs them. let me know. thanks!
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