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Boss ds-1 question

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  • Boss ds-1 question

    I have an ols Boss DS-1 with the ET5205-510B board.

    Does anyone know where I can find either a kit or instructions for modding this pedal or should I just give it to some teen rocker?

    Thanks in advance

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    What is the impetus for modding? Is there something else you want/need it to do, or something you need it to not do?


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      Cant remember what these were supposed to do, improve a basically good unit with average sound, to a much more versatile unit.
      C1, C10 change to 0.047uf
      C2, C8, C14 change to 1uf
      C3 change to 0.068uF
      C5, C12, C13 change to 0.1uf
      C9 0.47uf
      C11 0.033uf
      D4, D5 change to Red 3mm LED
      R13 change to 2.2k
      R14 change to 1.5k
      R16 change to 4.7k
      R39 change to 22k

      can also change the clippers to mosfet type, refer AMZ diode clipping

      change R9 from 22 ohm to 1k
      change R6 from 100k to 150k

      change R17 to 15k to keep more bass in the tone control when swept to the treble side
      change C10 to 56n to darken tone
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