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Using pedals, but not on floor?

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  • Using pedals, but not on floor?

    How many here use pedals, but set up high where you can adjust settings and such? I am doing this now, and it has made life much better. No more bending over. I usually just use an overdrive sound all the way through a song if I use it at all, bringing my guitar volume down to clean it up. I use reverb pedal through the amp loop, and I need to change reverb and delay settings for different songs, so having the effects board up high aloows me to work with my pedals like a multi effect unit. No way would I want to bend over to the floor every time I wanted a different reverb or delay amount for different songs.

    I have a table that my rack sits on, and I simply set my pedal board on that and they are waits high and I can dial in different amounts of overdrive, reverbm delay for different songs with no bending over. No, I don't use a wah and I don't need to kick in overdrives, but now I am thinking two small efeffcts boards would be a killer way to go. You could out your wah and other stuff you need to kick on with your foot on the floor board, run a longer cable to the board on a table next to you and use your hands for reverb and loop type effects that need to be changed for different songs.

    I am thinking now about simply making two small boards, each holding may four effects pedals, putting one on the floor and one next to me on my table. Any thoughts on this, anyone doing something similar?

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    [QUOTE=guitarwreck;41690]How many here use pedals, but set up high where you can adjust settings and such? I am doing this now, and it has made life much better. No more bending over.

    I do the same thing, my pedalboard is on the top of a Fender Twin-reverb rebuild that I have be working on, and it (the TR) is elevated by sitting it on a large 4-leg toolbox/stool device that I bought from Home Depot. This is next to my Fender model-30 (non-tremelo 6L6GC-based Deluxe-Rev Frankenstein designed by Ed Jahns @ Fender in 1980) modified to blackface specs sitting in an ATA-roadcase with the amp on the casterboard for the "lid" of its roadcase.

    It proves to be far more difficult to use the Wah-pedal this way, though... don't you think?


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      Virtually all pedals that use a momentary footswitch to actuate switching FETs, such as Boss and DOD pedals, can be easily adapted to use in this manner.

      The momentary switch inside simply closes a single connection with/to ground. You can easily parallel a separate momentary switch to make the same connection with no problems. So, a person could pop a small hole in the side of the pedal (or wherever space permits), install a small 1/8" or submini phone jack, and run a cable from that pedal to a floor unit that had a bank of more conveniently located momentary footswitches. What takes up a few square feet on a pedalboard could easily fit in a 12" x 4" space on the floor, with all the knobs at a more convenient height. One of the cool things about a bank of momentaries on the floor is that you could arrange them to make it possible to step on two simultaneously if you felt like it (or one at a time, provided the spacing was just right), so that you could switch back and forth between pedal A and pedal B.

      One of the things I've been working on lately is a small frac-rac system for my effects (at least those that do not demand their own rack-mount case to accommodate all the controls), that assumes the effects will be at table or waist height, and the switches will be on the floor. You can see it in semicomplete form here:


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