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    I have a phase 90 I use for my church gig ( think Bryan Adams for Jesus ) that cannot handle the output of my Les Paul classic. I've done the resistor mod, and turned down the trimpot. Any other ideas

    Another question. Can I reduce the sweep of the sweep oscillator so that it doesn't sweep as low. I would prefer if it didn't cut so much of the fundamental/bass when I'm using it for clean chords



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    There is a bias trimpot (or at least there should be one) on the board. Indeed, one frequently finds such trimpots on many FET-based phasers used in the same fashion. Within certain limitations, it can be used to nudge the range of the sweep upwards.

    As for preventing the clipping from the FETs in the phaser, I would recommend use of a compressor to keep your signal peaks in check. Doesn't have to be hard compression to squish the daylights out of things. Just has to keep the peaks under control.