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Diodes without printed part number

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  • Diodes without printed part number

    Hi All,
    I've been cleaning up my shop and came across a bin of diodes, some used, some brand-new but quite a few without a printed part number on the body (I checked under high magnification). Now, I seem to have a good quantity of brand-new clear glass signal diodes with a green cathode band (they only marking) that look very, very similar to a 1N34a diode. Is there a way of telling or measuring it to find out what it is or should I just do some low-level test like sticking two in a overdrive/distortion in the diode-bounding position to see if they work ok/fine?
    Bob M.

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    Measure the forward drop with your diode test function of your meter. A germanium will have about half the voltage drop of a common silicon diode.
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      Thanks, Enzo,

      Yes, I guess if it looks like a duck, has a cathode band like a duck, measures like a duck and is the same physical size and made of the same materials as a duck, then it's probably a duck.

      Bob M.