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DOD - Punkifier Schematic help needed

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  • DOD - Punkifier Schematic help needed

    Hello, i'm wanting to built a punkifier but i'm having difficulty in reading the schematic. I know that the 4 opamps are actually just 2 dual opamps. It's the connections eg the shared supply of each opamp i'm having trouble with, what is ground and what is powered etc. For example, for KA4558 is U22-B directly contacted to U24-A and if so where does it go from there?

    Also i think the 4007 is a cmos logic gate for switching, do i really have to use this in my circuit?

    Here's a link to the circuit;

    Any help would be... helpful, thanks

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    You are correct that the 4007 is part of the switching circuit and unnecessary iof you want to simplify the circuit or have some reason to not want to use FET-switching. Note that two J201 FETs, their respective diodes, caps, series resistors and 220k bias resistors are also unnecessary. Finally, since U22B is only there to provide a clean output because the stock unit uses FETs for switching, you don't need that stage either if you intend to use a stompswitch.

    So, what DO you need?

    Do yousee C204 and C212? You need everything from them up to and including the 100k Menace pot. There is probably *some* benefit to the output buffer, but you don't really NEED everything after the menace pot.

    The input buffer that starts at R1 and includes the FET after it is also useful, though you can probably skip C206 and just tie C204 and C212 directly to the FET where C206 connected to it.


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      Superb, so i guess that the 2 dual opamps are grounded the usuall way and powered by VCC then?


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        You are correct. Punkify away!