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  • 1) Awfully bold for a newbie.
    2) It's vBulletin- same software and format as a multitude of other forums on the net.
    3) Yes, there's a slight learning curve just like any other software, but once you use it for a bit, it's fine.
    4) There,...... it's been addressed.
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    • And, It's what we have!

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      • I am the least computer savvy guy around, and I have no trouble with it.
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        • I have to say when doing searches for specific old threads that I want to find again the search engine does a great job. The older software was not as search friendly so hats off to the new software.

          There is so much information on this site that you can and will get lost for hours reading a lot of it. That is the same with all of these different websites. However the level of quality posts is 1st rate. Many other sites don’t go into technical information as much. There are a few other sites with good technical info but this one has personality.
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          • Originally posted by Helmholtz View Post
            Strange new issue: Whenever I try to directly open a new "Last Post" to the "5150 evh fuse F3 f4" thread, I get redirected to the Guitar Effects page.
            The 2 threads where this was happening have been fixed. Thanks tboy
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