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Facebook, Personal vs Business?

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  • Facebook, Personal vs Business?

    Does anyone here have a biz facebook page.
    I just let my Pickup website go, and want to start a Facebook page for it?
    Any words of wisdom appreciated.
    I just read that you can have a fan group vs a facebook page?
    I don't have a personal facebook page and don't want one, but the biz page or group sounds like something I would like.
    I want to gather as much info before I Jump in.
    Thanks in advanced!


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    Understand that all content on a FB page is exclusively and perpetually owned by FB. Once you upload something, it no longer belongs to you. That may change in the future - and has, to some extent in Europe - but in the US Facebook is still very aggressive about their control. JM2C
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      Facebook = Digital Potemkin Village (there is no there there)

      but the price is right...


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        Originally posted by tedmich View Post
        Facebook = Digital Potemkin Village (there is no there there)

        but the price is right...
        If only that were true... the price they demand is your soul- for eternity! Everything that anyone does on Facebook is monetized as much as humanly possible. I wish that the BBS-style forums like MEF could handle the traffic that FB does.
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          Facebook is a modern business tool because of their exposure level. When I was working with Dean Markley he was on the verge of retiring. Built and ran DMS most of his life and always stayed on top of what was necessary to stay competitive and visible. His opinion/prediction was that Facebook would be the most critical customer exposure possible for music industry professionals. I don't want to (or have the awareness to) speculate on the hurdles that must be negotiated to maintain control of personal business information that is published on Facebook. The notion that they own EVERYTHING written or accessed via their service is almost certainly limited in some sane and comprehensive way. That is, I find it unlikely that just because Dorito's has a Facebook page that Facebook now owns the Dorito's logo!?! Just sayin' The best way to miss an opportunity is to talk yourself out of it because of the opinion of others or, even worse, fear. Educate yourself to defend against the potential problems and listen to no one that proposes a lack of progression for the sake of unfounded lore, hearsay or fear. You can't win if you don't play. And people afraid of winning lose by default.

          Hey T! I know you'll read the agreements and policies. I think it's a smart move I can't offer personal experience with promoting sales through Facebook, but I know it was considered a good idea by a very successful music gadget and string mogul. So that's my position on it.
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            FB wouldn't own the Doritos logo, no. But any comments posted there about it would no longer be controllable by Frito Lay.
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              FWIW I have a standard page in FB and use it commercially, not for personal or Family stuff, period.

              How come?

              They will know whatever YOU tell them, so up to a point you can control it.

              It has worked very well for me, has sent a lot of good business my way.

              Some tips:

              1) I want to sell my products, not "sell myself" so:
              You won't find my picture there, nor my kids, cat, dog, car, school, none at all.

              My FB avatar is my product Logo (I'll start using it also here, by the way) which has a number of advantages:

              * not my picture
              * people get used to and recognize it, every time they see it onstage they say: "hey !!!! xxxxxxx (insert famous musician name here) is using a FAHEY amp !!!! Cool !!!! They must be really good !!!!
              * my "friends" list is the who's who of Argentine Rock, also many from neighbouring Countries, they see each other and feel happy; lesser known musicians are happy brushing shouklders with famous ones.
              * out of the 1200 or so friends, some 800 appear with a guitar/bass/sax/violin/keyboard/etc OR are tatooed/pierced/wear long beards and shaven heads, etc.
              * my page STINKS of Rock
              * no cute dogs/cats/kids/babies/babes pictures, but amps, cabinets, musicians on stage, album covers
              * Harley/Indian/Matchless/>750 Honda or Yamaha/etc "men toys" are welcome.

              Inevitably , *some* old friends , old flames or random relatives have found me ; they are coureously informed that sorry, this is not a personal page, I send them other means of contact.

              Those innocent/fool enough to still post some grade school picture in my wall, or similar stuff, after being warned against, get unfriended and pictures removed.

              Old flames who NOW (30 years too late) declare their interest in me (sorry baby, too late) , often complain that my page is "too harsh" , "they can't find something to chat about" , etc.


              This FOCUSES the page on what I want: Musicians who ask about products, suggestions for their problems, etc.

              Handled that way, it has been a good sales tool.
              Juan Manuel Fahey


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                I have business and personal pages but I don't do a lot with the business one (...or the personal one to be frank, apart from keeping an eye on what my kids are up to ). I have a twitter account too but my problem with both is if I have something to say I generally need a few thousand words to say it. Logorrhoea, dreadful affliction.


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                  Facebook business page is one of the top source for every business through which they can promote their products or business and get engaged with their users.