If you upload files to Dropbox to free up storage space on your mobile device be sure to clear the cache under Dropbox settings (click on the Gear icon from the main menu.)

It took some snooping around to find this information but the Dropbox cache contains all of the files uploaded to or downloaded from a particular device for the past 3 days unless manually cleared.

As for files deleted from your Dropbox they are saved for 30 days but can be restored only if you go to the Dropbox site.


I know that a lot of people don't use or trust Dropbox and the other cloud storage facilities but I find it to be very useful in sharing files between my various mobile devices and my PC. I also use it for my newspaper archive of the San Francisco Chronicle and East Bay Times I've been saving every newspaper for the past 18 months in PDF and ePub formats. I only have 5.25GB storage space on Dropbox so I copy them to a Dropbox Archive folder on my PC which is permanent (Dropbox keeps a mirror of the current cloud contents on the boot drive of your PC.)

Dropbox is integrated seemlessly into the Share menus on Android devices making it easy as Pi to upload files to it. Two caveats: you can only upload 100 files at a time and they are all uploaded to whatever DB folder you specify or create even if they are located in multiple folders on your device. So to retain the sub folder structure you need to manually recreate those folders on Dropbox. (One trick is to create a ZIP file on your device, clicking on the option to retain the subfolders. )

Steve A.