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    I purchased an older iMac for my 84 year old Dad and will be cracking the case to add max RAM and a 1TB SSD. I also wanted to add a hub so he doesn't have to search around back and there are several choices, including a Kickstarter unit which has rave reviews on Amazon.

    The reviews include 451 x 5 star ratings which all seem to be entered over 2 days (March 21-22). And if I click on the "Verified Review" tab a single 1 star review comes up; the unit is completely faulty! did a decent job flagging this items reviews, the vendor receives an F

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    It gets even better: *read* the "452 reviews" and you will see that each of them has been copypasted from 2 to 10 times!!!!!!!!!!!
    Clearly some kind of robot software is writing and posting them in bulk ... at least they could have changed some details, it is SO obvious!!!!!
    Juan Manuel Fahey