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Ubuntu 22.04 how to remove SNAP

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  • Ubuntu 22.04 how to remove SNAP

    You can run ubuntu stock, or if you like a stripped down ubuntu,without snap?
    Here is a txt file I compiled,(with reference link) to delete snap from 22.04LTS.
    DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk.
    I use gedit, but any text editor will do.
    How to Delete Snap.txt

    **Here is a source for non Snap Firefox.
    Put the Firefox file in directory /tmp
    Once the file is in /tmp, open a terminal
    From command line
    $sudo su
    # cd /tmp
    use command to load firefox
    # dpkg -i *.deb
    The firefox should be installed.
    $ firefox --version
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    Thanks for posting this.


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      For us not in the know, what is snap? I feed my dog snaps treats.


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        Snap is a lot like App Store stuff works. I barely remember it now since Linux mint got rid of two years ago. Anyway I did use snap one time to install the Linux version of chrome or whatever it is. It was at a point where chrome browser was suddenly dropped by Linux mint. It forced me to use snap to install the program and run it. Oh Snap!

        Linux has repositories for downloading software that is compatible directly with your system or should be theoretically. Snap is basically an independent version of the same software installer. I don’t really know much about but I am sure BigTee has the goods. I for one am curious how snap is being implemented on other platforms. Apparently it seems we are trying to find ways to get rid of it. Perhaps Linux mint got it right?
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          Ubuntu is owned and built by the company Canonical since 2007.
          Ubuntu came up with SNAP in 2016.
          At first you could load your app with either apt or snap.
          Starting in 2020 or so more and more apps are snap only on Ubuntu.
          It started with Chrome, then it went to firefox, and some other Apps.
          Everyone likes Ubuntu, but snap, not so much.
          Snap slows down your OS, and takes over the system, reminisce like Microsoft does.
          So for a few years guys have removed Snap.
          It has gotten harder and harder to remove it.
          But, with the proper procedure it is still possible.

          Another alternative to Snap store, is Flatpak.
          It is less intrusive.
          Of everything out there in the linux world I still prefer Snapless Ubuntu!

          Mint is good, but doesn't have a Gnome desktop option.
          I've added Gnome to Mint, but you end up using a lot of disk space.
          Long live snapless Ubuntu!
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          "If Hitler invaded Hell, I would make at least a favourable reference of the Devil in the House of Commons." Winston Churchill


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            Thank you! this is useful