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fat strat mod

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  • roast
    might be worth checking out the schematics section at (even if the 'bucker you loaded isnt actually SD)

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  • moger777
    started a topic fat strat mod

    fat strat mod

    I have a fender strat (originally with single coils) that I have placed a humbucker in the bridge position. I was wondering if it would be possible to mod the wiring so that the neck and middle pickup share volume and tone control while the humbucker has a separate volume and tone control. I understand this would require drilling a hole into the pick guard for the extra pot. I wanna do this because I would prefer to use 500k pots with the humbucker and use the stock pots with the single coils. I also don't like using shared volume since I like to have different volume settings for bridge and neck some times. Any help would be appreciated.