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Please help me finish this diagram!

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  • Please help me finish this diagram!

    I know this is gonna show my ignorance but I need a little help.

    Im wiring up a guitar in the nashville tele style.
    3 single coils, 1 volume, and 1 tone.
    The problem is Im using a 5 way box switch instead of the traditional Fender style 5way. I think I know how to wire the tone but Im not sure. If someone could please finish the attatched diagram I would appreciate it.
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    Tone Control

    The middle leg of the tone pot can be attached to the output buss.


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      Why don't you wire the middle lug of the volume to the middle lug of the tone with another wire going from the same lug to the output? The output returns to the volume pot if I am not mistaken, I could be mistaken because I don't own any guitars with singles.
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        It looks like you have the import switch. The pickups go to one side and the tone goes to the other side. If you want the tone work with all positions then you will need to connect them together, then run them to the tone pot as you would normally.(middle lug)

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          Thanks for all the help guys. I just wanted to make sure I had it right in my head. I do now for sure. I appreciate the help.


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