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EMG with 2 passive strat pickups

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  • EMG with 2 passive strat pickups

    Hey everyone, I'm new in the thread. I want to wire my fender strat with an emg 85 in the bridge (already have the pickup). However, I don't want to replace the neck and middle single coils. So my question is where can i find a wiring diagram to set up my strat this way?

    I was thinking I would wire the emg to its own volume and tone pots, and the single coils to just one volume pot. So there would still only be three controls. Any help is much appreciated!

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    You cannot mix the two like that. The low impedance output of the 85 will load down the passive pickups.

    You will have to run the single coils through a preamp to convert them to low impedance and then mix them with the EMG-85.

    One solution is to use an EMG Afterburner or PA2. The way you would do this is to have the two single coils on one side of the 5 way switch, and then the output of that side of the switch would go to the preamp. The 85 would be on the other side of the switch.
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