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Blacktop P90 Jag project

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  • Blacktop P90 Jag project


    I have a (B)P90 Blacktop Jag that I want to modify. I really like the guitar and like the rude P90 sound I would like a bit of a brighter option so here is my idea. Please let me know if you see any issues with my idea.

    First the P90's.

    I think I am going to replace the stock tone/vol pots with two jazz bass style concentric pots and wire it up in an independent tone/volume setup like a modified LP.

    I am considering routing a center Jag single coil in an SSS fashion and replace the three way with a 5 way "Megaswitch".

    I will then route in the rhythm controls and use those for tone and volume on the center pickup and use the switch as a cut out.

    So the Megaswitch would be set up as follows

    Bridge – Bridge & Neck – Center - Neck & Center - Neck

    Because I would have independent volumes the rhythm slider would work as a mute when the center pickup is turned off and the 5 way is in the middle. If I watch my commings and goings positions 2 and 4 should be hum canceling too.

    I could use the standard switches but they are less “stage friendly”

    Thank you in advance for you input, I can't find another setup like this so I'm not sure if I am nuts or not.

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    As an update I did need to mess with the wind of the center pickup a bit and I used a six way rotary in place of the toggle. I have made two of these so far and I have had customers make me sell them to them before I could take pictures or do any recordings.

    When I locate another one of these guitars for cheap I'll make another.

    I was going to draw it out in cad it out but if you find the google docs images for a Jag, print out the pickup pocket you are good to go. I didn't bother with the upper control cavity.