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Is there anything wrong with this wiring diagram?

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  • Captain Pickguard
    TRadja, I'm an old member and I haven't posted in a few years, but I created a new account a few weeks ago (the old account used an old email I no longer have). I suppose this is as good a thread as any to get back into the forum.

    I'm a professional guitar builder and I build amps as a sideline. I think your slider switch is not correct, but most every thing else looks OK. Depending on which slider switch you have, this might work:

    Click image for larger version

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    Anyway it's good to be back. I see a lot of familiar names. This is where I learned the bulk of my amp knowledge and it has served me well these few years.

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  • TRadja
    started a topic Is there anything wrong with this wiring diagram?

    Is there anything wrong with this wiring diagram?

    I cobbled this wiring together from what parts i had to hand that would fit in the cavity of a cheap strat I have.
    The 3 way slide switch and the neck phase switch work fine but neither tone pot seems to do anything and the volume only has an effect at the very end of its range. also, the bridge phase switch causes hum when thrown back.
    these may be due to a poor soldering job somewhere and/or less than new pots but if it is something to do with the circuit i've come up with that would be nice to know

    any information or advice would be greatly appreciated


    p.s. thanks to those on here who helped me with my last query, i didnt get a chance to do anything for a while and once i'd fixed it i didnt want to bug anyone by reviving an old thread just to say "thanks."
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