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    I am stumped. All three springs pop out on my Floyd Rose (lic.). I have tried different adjustments on the claw screws and still happens especially when pulling up. I just got it and it worked fine until I changed the strings (same gauge 009).

    Also, I noticed there was a grind at one point and see scrape (low e side) next to string height studs.
    This is my first experience with a Floyd. Everything else went ok as far as the tuning,intonation, and flush bridge. Any insight would be greatly appreciated (before I have to take it in to the shop).


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    At some point the bridge has indentations that form that make the bridge pop out around the string height studs. There is not much you can do at that point other than get a new bridge if it is really badly damaged. Some people might have some epoxy of something to make the grinding indents less, but that won't hold up very long. If you are using the floyd rose in the style of someone like Dimebag then it will wear out very fast.

    On every guitar I always change one string at a time and I try to keep the same gauge on as the last. In this case my best recommendation is to make sure those springs are not worn out too. I once had to put 5 springs in one of my guitars to make sure that held it on nice and tight. When you add those other two springs the tension of the bridge increases and the whammy action is diminished.
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      If the springs are popping out and the action is scraping, but didn't before the string change, you need to consider what might be different now. Is the guitar in proper tune? If it's tuned too low the angle on the bridge plate, and therefor the block where the springs insert and the tangent of the edges may be incorrect. This could be especially true if your guitar has a deep recess. The bridge plate should "float" parallel to the horizontal plane of the fingerboard. If this is the case and you are still having problems, is this an entry level type of guitar? There are several grades of Floyd and licenced Floyd bridges. Some are made from softer steels. If, as suggested above, you are really wanking on the bridge it wouldn't take long to wear out a cheap one. The solution in this case is to buy a top grade Floyd (be certain of your measurements and radius) that will last MUCH longer than a cheap one. But the springs popping out is suspect. I think you may have too much backward angle on your bridge.
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