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  • An old friend

    JIMMY FOSTER "When The Masquerade is Over" - YouTube

    This is Jimmy Foster playing one of his seven string jazz quitars. Few people deserve the title "Master" but Jimmy left no doubt whether he was carving an arch top or playing an old standard jazz piece.

    In the '70s, we used to send our guitars to be repaired to Jimmy's shop in New Orleans - Foster's Guitar Repair. In the '80s, I went by the shop numerous times looking for parts and got to know Jimmy and his brothers. They were always happy to take a break, pick up their guitars and put on an amazing private concert right there in the shop.

    He lived only blocks from my office so when his truck was home, I'd stop by and have coffee. He had a small shop at the house and sooner or later the subject got around to RC planes so I taught him to fly.

    Jimmy died a couple of years ago. I miss my old friend.
    ..Joe L
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