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    I am wiring a custom guitar I built, but am a beginner at schematics. It is for a stereo output, like this one from Rickenbacker:

    However, instead of having separate mono and stereo outs, I am trying to have two mono outputs that turn the guitar to stereo only when both outputs are used. I've read this can be achieved with break terminals but do not understand enough of the theory behind it. I also still want to have the mini-toggle DPDT switch to have an on/on/on selection between the two pickups.

    Lastly, one of those pickups only has one wire coming from it... Wondering if this would make any difference for wiring.

    If someone can please dumb down Rickenbackers schematic and how I would go about setting up this output system I would greatly appreciate it. The dumber the breakdown of how to do this the better. Phew! Thanks all.
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