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    I'm pretty lucky. I get to work on, and check out some cool guitars at times. Every once in a while a one shows up that just makes me go Wow! This is a Michael Dolan from the late 70's. I wasn't going to let it get away without taking a few snapshots.

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    pretty neat! Is the clear coat cracking across the grain in the last picture? That little protuberance on the neck through looks Alembical to me, and I'd probably shave it off but I have no respect for classics...Thanks for sharing!


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      Yep that looks like crackled finish in a couple of shots. Usually caused by opening a freezing guitar case in a hot room...

      Cool looking anyway, my Peavey Patriot has some minor crackling too but not that bad.
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        Ahhh, some of the "liberated" parts from the old chicken ranch Alembic "factory"... I probably made that bridge.

        The finish is likely to be Sherwin Williams "Polane"

        'nuff said...