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Quick connector plugs for Gibson pickups?

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  • Quick connector plugs for Gibson pickups?

    All of the Google hits suggest cutting the connector from the stock pickup that you are replacing which is easy enough to do but I might want to put the stock pickups back in later so I am wondering if Mouser, et al, might sell the male connector that Gibson is using, preferably with a pigtail attached to it. Possibly surplus from a completely different application...

    BTW, the neck and bridge pickups are wired up differently so that if you replace a bridge pickup with a heck pickup they will be out of phase.

    Here is a link explaining the color codes:
    Installing Standard Pickups into Gibson Quick Connect Guitars
    The conspiracy theory that Gibson switched to quick connect connectors to discourage people from replacing them with other brands that is total B.S. Their *own* aftermarket pickups do not come with QC connectors so the reason is undoubtedly to make it easier for cheap labor to assemble their guitars.

    Steve Ahola
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    I think the brand is Molex.
    oops Tyco..

    After taking a second look, those look like PC motherboard connectors. Maybe find an adapter for USB and splice to it.

    Here they are...
    Those are 4 pin connectors, Gibsons are 5 pins, just change the suffix to 0500 from 0400.
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