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Help me identify these Electric City Pickups

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  • Help me identify these Electric City Pickups


    I picked up a used guitar with these pickups in it. They are pretty interesting, and I would like to know their specs. My wild ass guess would be that they are vintage or under-wound with A4 magnets, but I can't find the model numbers from their stickers listed on the ECP website, or anywhere on the internet. Some of the pickups on the site seems to have had their names changed, so I'm wondering if they are equivalent to some model that is now sold under another name. DCR measured 7.53 and 7.87kohm @80F, so it's probably a hundred or so ohms higher then expected at a decent room temperature. Pics attached.

    Anyone know about these?

    I believe I have even seen the man himself on this forum now and then....


    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    I'm moving this to Guitar Tech from the Beginner/Hobbyist pickup forum.
    It has no Pickup making or building Content!
    You're looking for Bill M.
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      Thanks, sorry about that.


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        Originally posted by elipsey View Post
        Thanks, sorry about that.
        Bill's a heck of a winder and a great guy. Those look like some from the R&D series. He's on this forum now and then, but you might try to contact him at his website, and just ask. I bet he'd be helpful on details of those specs.

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