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Gibson SG- odd vol pots.

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    I suppose that SCs ongoing extreme befuddlement and now bizzare accusation of ethnic discrimination may be malicious trolling, but I'm concerned it may indicate a mental health issue.
    So I'd rather avoid hammering down on SC too much, though if the unfounded allegations carry on, I guess some action may need to be taken.
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      Oh no, I don't want to lose J M Fahey again.

      Someone please lock this thread and maybe give SC a time out for a few days?


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        Oh, don't worry about me, I just posted a couple more things in this thread interested on the ethnic/cultural/language side which was revealed, but there's nothing else to be added, so at least for me, this thread is finished.

        As of the Tech/sound side, which is the main reason of this Forum, I was thinking an explanation, not for SC who does not care anyway but for others:

        relative to the somewhat beyond typical tolerance, low reading pots, I think this: in the old days, 60 years ago, typical "preferred values" scale often took the 2-5-1 approach , remember old schematics where , say, caps were plain .02 , .05 or .1 , a not too uniform jump from each value to the next .

        Old camera settings were similar, I have an old Leica III (1934) with scales such as 1 sec , 1/2 s , 1/5s , 1/10s and so on while modern scales are powers of 2 (1 , 1/2 , 1/4 , 1/8 , and so on) .

        In fact we *still* use the old scale for money: 1 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100 U$.
        FWIW in Cuba they have much more rational 1 / 3 / 10 / 30 peso bills .

        Back to the pots: maybe in the 50s 300k was an actually available pot spec, so they used them.
        Of course, they probably had +/-20% tolerance at least, wouldn't be surprised by 30% or even slightly looser.

        Nowadays the "correct" pot resistance is plain 250k , period, with latest offerings labelling them 220k , following modern preferred values scale.

        So I feel quite certain (might be wrong of course) that Gibson is using plain off the shelf 250k pots and calling that a day, which matches measured values, including tolerance, very closely.

        But ... but ... the "1954 reedition" schematic shows "300k"

        Well, I guess that's a Marketing Dept decision to make buyers happy

        After all, WHO will grab a multimeter and measure them?

        I mean, outside MEF that is
        Juan Manuel Fahey


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