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Compensated Lefty Ashtray on Righty Guitar

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    Originally posted by Jammin'John View Post
    The stain was soaking in unevenly so I said screw it,I'll hand sand it a bit and try and give it an old look without relicing it.
    That's just how it went with my grey 'barnboard' Guild. Sometimes when things aren't going to plan, it's best to back off and let the wood do what it wants. 40 years later the urethane clear coat has gone yellow a bit, just seems to enhance the aged look. Besides the fact, now it really has aged.
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      Getting a modern non ashtray lefty bridge with individual saddles, IMO was a good call.
      Also that type of bridge has the whole pickup a little farther toward the neck, which is a + IMO.
      Kind of the Jimi answer using Tele parts.
      Nice Ax, but for me I would need some gloss to relic, too dull for my taste.
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        I like the look, after playing it for a year, it will have some nice patina and character.


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          Originally posted by Jammin'John View Post
          I want to put a compensated lefty ashtray on my guitar.
          I think I know what to do but correct me if I'm wrong.
          I have to remove the 3 saddles from their intonation adjusting screws and put them on backwards.
          I also have to place them in different places on the ashtray.
          High E where low E was etc.
          Am I close ? Right on the money ? Way off ?

          Anything in particular you're trying to achieve by doing this?


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            I made the thin strings fatter & the fat strings clearer & more percussive.

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              Right you said that earlier... I guess I was scrolling too fast.

              So with that slanted neck pickup, is the idea to clean up the low strings? How much slant do you think is necessary to get a noticeable change in tone? Bass builder Jens Ritter slants his pickups a bit: just a tad on the bridge, and a little more on the neck, both tilting the bass side toward the bridge.
              Jason Rodgers
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                I had to go with what I had,a soapbar. An 11 degree angle allowed the strings to line up with the poles on the pickup.
                If I had a longer pickup I would have gone with more angle.
                Clean up the lows,fatten the highs.



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