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    Anybody know anything about the Ovation vxt? I have one & it works normal in mono but sounds shorted out when switched to stereo. the problem is not in the jacks & cords. looking for someone with experience. also, there is a mini USB port on one PC board & would like to know how that is accessed.... like what program is needed to use it, what data is available when it is accessed, ect. also looking for diagrams.

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    #1: you are using a stereo cord (tip, ring, sleeve) when trying to run in stereo mode, correct?

    The onboard pcb should house the switching circuit.
    It senses the 'difference' between a mono & a stereo cable.
    I believe the ic CD4066 is used for the switching.

    Not too sure about the usb jack.
    Unless it's similar to the Idea guitar where the usb can be sent to a computer to record what is played.

    powerchip_stereo setup.pdf



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      yes, using the stereo splitter cable that came with the guitar. it worked when I got it a couple years ago. I have also tried a 2nd new splitter even though the OEM checked good.

      thanks for the link to the manual, but I already have that (in my head thinking repair manual). I have all the papers, including the hang tags. the instrument is in really good condition, only very lightly played & many years in it's case, in a closet.

      there are 3 pc boards. one has the stereo/mono select switch. there are a LOT of components on the main board, dozens of small ICs, etc..... complicated. that has to be what the usb is for.... troubleshooting & setup. there is no way you could probe some of the components.... too small. somewhere there must be a troubleshooting manual and/or a program for the usb. I plugged in my computer but it did not even recognize the port

      thanks for the help


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        So, tried a fresh battery have we?


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          yes, a couple. there is a low volt warning LED in the battery holder too


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            Well, unless you can get Fishmann to cooperate with a schematic, you may be out of luck.

            The tiny surface mount parts are not a big concern if you have the equipment to work on it.

            I would attempt to contact Fishmann & see what they recommend.