Can somebody please tell me if this wiring diagram is correct for my intentions?

I want the following configuration:

2 x Single Coils [Red Cable Hot, Green Cable Ground]

1 x Humbucker [Red Cable Hot (North Start), Violet Cable (North Finish + South Finish = Two Middle Cables), Green Cable (South Start), Silver (Bare Ground Cable)]

All green + silver cables are ground cables, blue + red cables are simple connections. I only used different colors to make it easier to interpret.

The 5 way switch should lead to the following pickup constellations:

Position 1: Bridge Humbucker
Position 2: Bridge Humbucker + Mid Single Coil
Position 3: Mid Single Coil
Position 4: Mid Single Coil + Neck Single Coil
Position 5: Neck Single Coil

The push/push tone knob should split the humbucker, so that I only use a single coil of the humbucker in positions 1 and 2. If the Mid Pickup is RWRP, can I get noise cancellation that way in position 4 and 2 (if the humbucker is split)?

Here's my diagram:

BTW: Can I use the housing of the DPDT push/push switch, which is atop of the tone knob, for grounding or should I use the side of the pot?