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Has anyone ordered PING tuners directly?

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  • Has anyone ordered PING tuners directly?

    Hey everyone,
    I'm looking at using PING tuners in a design where I would need a decent quantity of them (say 50 sets of tuners at a time). Has anyone ever dealt with them directly and successfully ordered?

    Looking at their PT119 model.. they are located in Taiwan:

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    I see that GC is a distributor, if that invites confidence in their supply chain... I've never heard of them before now.
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      In response to the original question, I've never dealt with them directly.

      I have bought a couple of sets off the rack at the music store for low-budget repairs and they seemed decent quality.

      I seemed to remember that the packaging mentioned Kaman (Ovation) and when I looked them up discovered that Kaman had been bought up by Fender and that Ping now make OEM tuners for some lower-end Fenders. I'd say they're about on par with Jin Ho (Korean) who make the Wilkinson tuners and various OEM's. Both look and feel like somewhat lesser-quality Gotoh copies, but much better than Chinese ebay stuff. There's an ebay store, bezdez, in Ontario who sell a lot of these type of parts (mostly Jin Ho I think) and might be worth talking to about large quantities.

      Good luck