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  • shortcircuit
    I need to raise my prices$$$ . Hats off to the guy, always like someone with an idea and the ambition to try and achieve it.
    Last edited by shortcircuit; 08-14-2020, 09:46 PM.

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  • Leo_Gnardo
    Like Suzy Creamcheese used to say: "Bizarre!" That triple-necker looks like it might have been made from a cast-off dining room table. And those hinges, sure the instrument(s) might fit the beer belly curve, otoh might get a few pinches there with the hinge feature, OW!

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  • Mick Bailey
    They look like something an enthusiastic DIY Uncle in the '60s would make out of scrap with limited hand tools.

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  • tedmich
    started a topic Another local luthier

    Another local luthier

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	911152

    The Builder is known as AOIE, he's out of Gilroy and has the purpleheart 3 neck also on Reverb asking for $7k, as well as an unfinished 12 string he's asking $40k for. The man likes HINGES! The purple one has 3 landing gear so you can ride it like a skateboard (?) It also rolls up into a "rocket shape":... but looks hard(er) to play that way.
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