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Suggest bass tuners or washers for '84 Ibanez Musician

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  • Suggest bass tuners or washers for '84 Ibanez Musician

    My Musician has three of the original Velve Tune tuners (one of which is slipping) and one Gotoh. I want to replace with a matching set. Holes on this are 14mm (ish). I can find tuners that have an appropriate shaft and ferrule, but the original tuner ferrules had a much bigger hex head and a very large washer. They didn't paint around the holes so if the ferrule has a small hex part / washer you see the bare wood peaking out around it. Anyone have any suggestions for tuners or just some washers that would work well? Oh, and the color needs to be gold and a modern key, not mushroom/heart/elephant ear like a Fender, and 2+2 orientation. I guess my other option would be to just do black paint around the holes so that the bare wood doesn't look so obvious.

    While I'm asking, if anyone knows a source of touchup paint for the factory gray mist paint that is also something I need to find. It has fine metallic flake and a little greenish undertone. With lockdown I haven't been able to go to an autopaint store or hobby shop and try to find something that matches.
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