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1968 Thinline wiring

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  • 1968 Thinline wiring

    I've been given 68 Tele by my friend that spent lat 35+ years in dry attic... With all of the components out. I am trying to get working everything together again, neck is okay, trussrod works, etc. But I'm having problems with electronics, maybe just a basic question - two 1meg pots with their 2 caps looks like factory soldered along with output jack and a 3-way switch, see picture. Pots are tested and working withing their range.

    I have put two pickup grounds onto volume pot body and have two places on the switch where I see some solder that are probably for + of the pickups, right?
    I tried to solder them to that places but I'm getting a lot of ground hum.
    What's strange is the fact that I dont see shared ground on everything like bridge, pots, switch, jack.

    1. Jack has common ground with tone pot
    2. Volume pot has shared ground with bridge, pickup magnets BUT NOT with jack, switch and tone pot... - since I dont know tele wiring at all, is that correct? Should be all grounded together?
    Also I found, that any of tone pot's 3 legs have no connection connected to its chassis (its ground).

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    Let me reply to my post... maybe for future geeks - They does not seem to share common ground by wire (by default wiring). insread of that a aluminum shield (that I forgot) which goes under pots and a switch connects everything together.

    Now, works perfectly.


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      Thanks for the resolution.